BBR Search is your Executive Search Consultant

Finding solid talent for your business can be a full time job. Running an ad on the various social sites and job boards can attract hundreds of resumes-most of which are not qualified to do the job at hand… but wish to convince you otherwise.

Finding the appropriate skill set is only half of the challenge. The candidate must also possess the personal skills that match the company culture. Having the proper personal skills for the job at hand is not something an employer can achieve with a training program.

At BBR Search, we take a collaborative approach with all our searches, and partner with our clients to uncover all pertinent aspects of the position at hand-including department dynamics, company culture and soft skills required. As your Executive Search Consultant, BBR Search will uncover the talent required, and the passion desired for the position at hand.

We work hard at understanding human relationships, and matching the right candidate to the right opportunity. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our employees and clients through a successful match. Our focus is on the quality of our work and the reputation we leave behind, not the quantity of the placements we are making.

If you are struggling to find the best talent for your team today, give us a call for a free consultation of our services. BBR Search offers Retained Search and Contingent Direct Hire services.

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